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  1. Point taken Barry. This one taken from a slightly different angle changes the perspective completely.
  2. On a recent trip to the UK to visit family, I found that if you keep away from the cities and towns, Rural Britain still has a lot to offer.
  3. I use two layers to dodge and burn, one in screen mode, the other in multiply mode. Then add a reverse mask, painting with white gives excellent control.
  4. Street photography is a subject I have always avoided, so I thought I would give it a try.
  5. I am with Tinion on this subject.
  6. This colour version worked much better than the BW one
  7. Not sure of the technicalities it was done a long time ago, I think it was the full conversion 700plus
  8. Playing with channel mixer and blend modes to get different effects, makes a change from just black and white.
  9. I will have completed my move by the end of the month, where my internet will be much better. My question is, I store all my images on two separate hard drives. Is there an easy way to sync, any changes I make to my images on one hard drive with the other without having to do it manually. I have an old sync program at the moment, but I spend my life checking my backup drive to find that changes have not been made.
  10. lithman34


    Photo stacking is the only reliable way to max, depth of field.
  11. As most images are now shown digitally there isn't really much more you can do.The only thing I can suggest is check the background that the images are going to be shown on as a thin line may be needed to separate from the background.
  12. Happy Xmas to all. I will be out of action for a month, going to the UK for 2 weeks no computer, then moving to another part of Spain.
  13. Well spotted Tinion, I thought I had got away with that.
  14. lithman34


    Always up for a challenge. I showed an image I had taken in the Azores, and I said" when I have a bit more time I will tidy it up." I was told by a lady member that it would be impossible to remove everything. Well!!
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