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  1. Bob


    I think people join camera clubs with the intention of learning how to use their camera. However, when they get there they invariably find out that there is little or no practical experience and that they have joined an image appreciation society. Now, they have two options, one is to walk away, and many do, or alternatively join in. And, that's where the root of the problem lies. They may not have the necessary skills to use their cameras or what it takes to make a good photograph , after all that's why they came to the club initially, but with modern cameras, we can all be a good photographer. The next problem then befalls the competition judge, as Barry rightly highlights. No judge wants to say this a load of rubbish, even though he may think so, because it may be the first photograph that the author has entered in a competition and such comments would destroy their confidence for ever. But in an attempt to give encouragement the author may well take the judge's comments to be praise and if that be the case then the likelihood of the author greatly improving is diminished. I have a lot of sympathy for a judge. Even in the UK having to travel some distance on dark winter nights to be faced with who knows what and having to be positive each time an image is put before him/her. It can't be easy and judging by Barry's comments there comes a timeā€¦.
  2. I too have a Flickr page and that can be found at : Frewin flickr However, I recently discovered that if you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud you have access to Portfolio. My Photoshop Portfolio is at: Frewin portfolio Both these applications have their limitations but they are both free, well if you are an Adobe CC subscriber, and they each give you an opportunity to get your photos out to a wider audience. As for the Adobe Portfolio, there are a number of videos on You Tube to help you get started. I first looked at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBTygjJojyU
  3. Bob


    I'm with Tinion 45. Detailed critique, no marks no winners.
  4. Thanks for your guidance Barry. Just that minor adjustment has lifted it considerably.
  5. We have a tree in our village which, with a little bit of imagination, takes on the shape of an elephant as it comes in to leaf. It seemed an ideal subject for infra-red photography. Hence, the white elephant.
  6. Barry In relation to your topic in the May 2018 newsletter. I agree that minor changes to 'nature images' could and should be allowed in competition but perhaps this is going a bit too far. Bob http://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/news/2018/april/wildlife-photographer-of-the-year-image-disqualified.html
  7. I have tried using filters but to be honest just can't seem to get on with them. They are just too much hassle as far as I am concerned. I like others tend to make adjustments in post production. I have had reasonable success in simulating the effects of a ten stop ND filter in Photoshop by taking a number of photographs ( maybe as many as 10) and by using Scripts and Median the non moving parts of the image remain sharp and the water, if that is what you are taking appears blurred.
  8. I have made my own shortcut for 'Flatten Image''. I use Alt+F12. I would have thought it was an action that is done quite regularly and Adobe would have added it to their menu.
  9. Paul If on the iphone you go to Settings. Photos and Camera and turn on iCloud Photo Library all the images will be sent to the icloud. If you open Icloud on your PC www.icloud.com and log in with your Apple password all the photos should be there. You will need to download them to your PC from the cloud to work on them.
  10. Bob

    The French at War

    There is a book called 'The Lost Diggers' by Ross Coulthart that tells the story of the Australians in France during WW1. If my memory serves me correctly the images were found in the back room of shop premises when they were being renovated some years later. The shop had previously been owned by a photographer. Many of the photographs were damaged by water and the ravages of time but were fascinating to see. Clearly those photographs were of some historical importance and of some commercial value to have been published .. I see no reason therefore why the photographs that you friend has should not be of equal commercial value.
  11. Barry What I was trying to do was put an image into a layer that had a layer mask. The problem I encountered was that sometimes it would go into the layer and other times it would create a new layer. It seems that the difference was down to the visibility of the layer with the mask. Eventually, I made the visibility the same throughout the six layers i had in my work. The image came in on a new layer. I highlighted both the image layer and the one with the mask, right clicked on the image layer, did merge down and clicked 'preserve'. My problem was solved. A bit frustrating at the time but two cups of coffee later and a fresh look at the problem made it easier to solve. Bob
  12. Persistence pays off. I would like to be able to tell you what I did to make it work but I cannot. Suffice it to say it does what I wanted it to do and quite frankly what I expected it to do. Bob
  13. I am trying to place an image in the layer labelled 'Top Left' but Photoshop CC creates another layer (Layer 1). Edit- Paste Special- Paste in Place does not work and Paste Into is greyed out. I have tried merging visible and that does not work either. I have selected both the thumbnail and the mask in the Top Left layer and then tried to paste but also to no avail. I would welcome any ideas. Thanks Bob
  14. Thanks for the short Demo Barry. Every time I see an AV you prepare I think I must do more in PTE. Can I ask, is it possible to add this animation to your PTE Templates on your website please.
  15. Bob

    Quality Test

    Gosh Barry, I had to watch that four times to notice any difference. Perhaps a trip to the optician is required. Anyway, my considered, yet unreliable opinion, is that I prefer 'A'.
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