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  1. Success! The answer is fn + cntr+ F11 or F12. Thanks again Tinion 45.
  2. This has really been informative. Being a bit of a dinosaur, I didn't think about checking the web for a solution! Having looked very briefly at the details you've sent through, I'm sure my problem will be solved. Watch this space and grateful thanks to you Tinion 45.
  3. Thanks Barry. I'll try and resign the volume key and also try Tinion 45's suggestion.
  4. Thanks Tinion 45. I'll give it a try.
  5. I've tried CMD + f12 and all it does is alter the volume settings. My f12 key has the speaker volume increase icon on it. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  6. Can anyone tell me how to expand the time line in PTE? Mine has gone into very small fractions of a minute. I think you should know that I'm using a Mac keyboard and I was told that Ctl and F11 will do the job. All this does is alter the volume.
  7. As often happens, frustration can cause a fog to descend on you brain and you miss the obvious!. I wasn't doing anything wrong, and when I sat down and got out of the "loop", I found the magic "edit" tab at the top of the screen and the drop down menu gives you the facility to change the text. So problem solved. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Has anyone made a book using the lightroom book module? I have a problem with changing the font type and size of photo text already created. I am unable to highlight the text so that I can alter it. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Thanks Barry. Best wishes, Judge123
  10. Can you give me an example of where adding a keyframe would be useful, or do we just not worry about this? Judge123
  11. Barry, I refer to the above section in your PTE9 videos. You make mention of "adding" a key frame as opposed to cloning a key frame. When you do this all the settings (panning, zooming, etc) disappear. I understand that by cloning a key frame, it will take on all the characteristics of the cloned key frame but when and why would you "add" a key frame? Regards, Judge123
  12. Sorry for my late response Barry. Other things getting in the way of creating AVs! This has indeed fixed the problem. Many thanks. J
  13. I have the download the PTE 9 tutorials including Creative ideas but the two videos entitled "Pictures in Pictures Static" and Pictures to Pictures - ideas" are identical! Tried them a few times just in case I wasn't going crazy. Has anyone else had this problem? Justin
  14. Judge123

    Slide Styles

    This one worked! Thank you Barry. Regards, Justin
  15. Judge123

    Slide Styles

    I've checked in the help menu - I'm using the latest version of PTE9. This is my whole process: Slide styles>import>desktop>double click on 3D slide styles. I get a message in the dialogue box "no items match your search" Does this give you any more clues?
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