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    Thanks for the information, Barry. I'll see if I can find it. Deirdjan
  2. deirdjan


    Hi Barry, I particularly like this show, and would very much like to know the name of the music you used for it. Also do you have this music available at all? Thanks, Deirdjan
  3. Thanks heaps, Barry. I had no knowledge of this, so it will be very interesting to have a go at it. All the Best, Deirdjan
  4. Hi Barry, I've searched high and low for the font you used with the neon look, but haven't found anything remotely like it as yet. Would love to know what you used. Am greatly enjoying photographing my glassware, and have now managed to get the reflection. It's great fun, especially on an overcast dismal day, which is when I do mine. Deirdjan
  5. Dear Barry, Many thanks for your advice. It's now working properly. Also I've just downloaded this latest version and will install in a few minutes. It certainly pays to keep an eye on the forum. All the best, Deirdjan
  6. Thanks Barry. I'll do that. Deirdjan
  7. Hi Barry, In Advanced Animation, Masks Continued, I've made the first technique, folding, and saved it as a slide style. I've used 1 image for the background which I've made Main Object 1. This same image was used under Mask Content for Hard Mask left [at the top], made Main Object 2, and again under Mask Content for Hard Mask right as Main Object 3. It appears to work properly in the preview, but when I click apply is keeps coming up with "Access violation at address 0054A330 in module PtoE.exe. Read of address 00000024. Can you help, please. Deirdjan
  8. Barry, thank you so very much for looking into this black/blue dot issue for me. It's very reassuring to have your reply. I am using Windows 10. The Splitter Technique is really nice, and I can see myself using it a number of times in the future. Deirdjan
  9. Barry, I've placed a printscreen image onto a New File in Photoshop Elements for you. Up until I completed the custom transition tutorials, the dot stayed blue when I clicked on any of the Slide Options, but since then as I click on it the dot is blue, but changes to black as soon as I move the cursor away. The Slide Options still seem to be working correctly. The second image shows how it looks when I hold the cursor on it. Deirdjan printscreen image.psd Deirdjan printscreen image 2.psd
  10. Hi Barry & Anne, I also was unable to separate the main image from the background until I downloaded Barry's video help yesterday, and now it works. So many thanks, Barry. However, I've noticed when in Slide Options, Manage Transitions, if I click on the dot before any of the slide options or custom transitions, it only stays blue when my cursor is on it. When I move the cursor to continue, the dot turns black. How can I overcome this?
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