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  1. Excellent idea Barry!! I look forward to see a new wonderful video
  2. Barry, thanks very much for having published the two beautiful videwoshos with such interesting filters. Not only you gave another example of great expertise, but even a non-common capability to retrieve old projects, even after such a long time. I hope also other member may like such videos Thanks again Claudio
  3. Barry, I enjoied a lot with PE 7 long time ago. Now unfortunately I can no more use it (even if I have the DVD and the key code) because Photoshop 7 does not work with Windows 10 64. Anyway, following your advise, I am quite satisfied with Topaz Studio because It works perfectly with PS actions. So, in case of ripetitive work, I find it relatively simple and fast
  4. Barry, I sent you (via email) a copy of your old videoshow “Impressions” which I stored a long ago. I must once more congratulate for the achieved result that you got with a certainly less sophisticated SW at that time! I am now palying with Topaz Studio, which I find definitely interesting. Nevertheless, it takes quite some time, both for the huge number of filters offered, and for the processing time required
  5. Thanks Barry, no hurry!! Whenever you have time it will be appreciated Claudio
  6. Thanks Barry and Tinion I have seen the webinars, which I found very interesting, nevertheless I am even more confused. I downloaded Topaz studio (at moment I have not been asked to pay anything yet) and I was happy to discover that it is directly linked with PS CC, so there is non need to do anything to activate plug ins. The problem is that the number of filters is very big (most of them haven no interest for me) but it seems to me that some filters I have seen in the webinars are no included. I have the impression that Topaz changes regularly the filters offered in sake of modernity(?!). In princip It seems that Topaz is a good instrument, but rather complex and relatively time consuming, With a lot of patience and using several layers, masks, brushes and opacity I am able to reach almost what I want , but I must confess that I have a strong “nostalgia” for the results Barry had 10 years ago. By the way Barry could you publish the three videoshows I mentioned at the beginning, and which I sent you via wetransfer? THanks again Claudio
  7. Thanks Barry, it seems a little bit more complex than I thought!! Nevertheless, I appreciate your advice and I will continue to investigate. Hopefully I will come out with a final decision
  8. Barry, I watched carefully your videos and I saw that you have memorized 3 filters from Topaz Labs: namely Topaz Impression, Topaz simplify 4 and Topaz texture effects. I visited Topaz website but I am a little confused with the large offer they have, and I do not see clearly how to select “Impression” or others. Could you give me some advice on what I would better choose and buy, and how to install it in PS CC? Thanks again Claudio
  9. Thanks very much Barry, I will study your videos and let you know Saluti Claudio
  10. Thanks Barry, i will be happy to wait!
  11. Dear Barry, I sent you a message (via wetransfer) because I wanted be sure to clarify what I was meaning. I am interested in some special textures I saw on some of your videoshows around 10 years ago. I selected three videoshows, named “Art of Photography”, “Impressions” and “Art of Cornwall”, which I particularly liked, and I copied and stored in my PC. My question is if you have published any tutorial or any other info regarding how to achieve such textures. I sent you my stored copies in case you might have lost your originals. I would be very grateful if you could give any advice on such subject Thanks in advance Best regards Claudio P.S. Did you receive my wetransfer massage?
  12. Thanks Dave, I check directly with Igor and this is his answer Since PicturesToExe 9.0.14 the limit for EXE file size is 3.9 GB. Regardless of 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows
  13. Thanks Dave, I will check directly with Igor Claudio
  14. Dave, you wrote: Since version 9.0.14 the file size limit is 3.9 Gb. (at present I have 9.0.19, which I think is the latest) Is this limit with Windows 32, or does it refer to Windows 64?
  15. Thanks Dave and Barry for the useful comments. I raised the point because my friend normally uses a high-quality projector and is planning to buy an 8k one. His major issue is the quality and definition; he will never put his videoshow on internet, and considers the exe file better and more portable, due the minor size. I will not be able to convince him to switch to Mp4, (even if I tried) and he will continue to wait that the 2 GB limit will be overcome Thanks again Claudio
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