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  1. joan mb


    Good for you Doreen and good luck.
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed viewing these AV's again Barry. Thanks for the opportunity. All three were wonderful. joan
  3. Only been to the UK once and that was 2oyears ago Lithman and found the countryside quite lovely. I think your advice about staying out of cities is very sound.
  4. joan mb


    Think you'ld have plenty of company in Gaol Barry, I suspect that You Tube has plenty of music that the user doesn't have copyright for. Looking forward to seeing your AV on You Tube Doreen.
  5. joan mb


    So many beautiful images Barry, Good that you decided to give them another showing. A.V.'s are a great way of looking back on past efforts or events aren't they?
  6. Thanks for taking the trouble to keep us posted Barry when you and Carol obviously have so many other troubles at present. You are both frequently in our thoughts. Best wishes joan
  7. I use Adobe Camera Raw Morturn to convert and don't do a lot of black & whites but it's great to hear what others do and why? Thanks, joan
  8. joan mb

    Forum Down

    I'm so relieved Barry. I thought it was my fault I couldn't get in! Anyway I'm back again and pleased to be.
  9. I don't us it all. Am I missing out on something? I also don't use adjustment layers, for the most part I make adjustments when converting from RAW.
  10. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Have enjoyed following you on your trip Barry. Sorry Carol didn't get more enjoyment out of it and hope her back begins recovery now.
  11. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    hope it was a good crossing Barry and that Carol's back is a bit better.
  12. Thanks barry for making the time to put out a newsletter. Impressed with the job your phone does.
  13. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Sorry Barry if I've poured doubt on your UK status as intrepid explorer! Hope Carol's woes are improving and that she has been able to get some great shots from the car window. Happy travels, joan
  14. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    Good to see you back on the Forum Doreen. It is good sharing Barry's trip with him, especially for me since I've been to all these places he's talking about. joan
  15. joan mb

    Tasmania Trip

    If your travels to the west take you past a tourist attraction called 'The Wall' Barry take time to check it out. It is an amazing exhibition of wood carving. However if you are sticking to the coast I don't think you go past it but you will see some very attractive countryside around Wynyard and there are some beautiful little coastal towns. The Nut at Stanley is worth a visit and will remind you of England. We had a similar experience on one of their minor forestry roads, definitely best left to the log trucks. joan
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