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  1. Thank you. It doesn't sound too complicated, guess I was thinking of a massive complicated aircraft😥 Hovering at 4 feet to begin and your explanation I would be able to practice at home in the garden, may be ideal as I'm not overlooked. Sounds more fun than spending a fortune on a new iMac computer🤔
  2. Thank you Barry Maybe it looked like slow motion especially the water. I haven't the confidence to use a drone on my own, sure I'd get into trouble😈 My son loves them so suggested when he goes out treasure hunting with his metal detector it may be a good opportunity for me to join him with the drone, well practise that is😅 It does look complicated though, but suppose everything is at the start😏
  3. The drone video Barry, did you create the slow motion effect within the drone settings or did you edit in PTE. My standalone video recorder takes slow motion video also the proshow software can do the same. Just wondering, I wouldn't mind a drone myself, but will have to see.
  4. Thank you Barry. I loved the drone video and Carols images
  5. Most of the time I watch slide shows on youtube, on the rare occasion I have downloaded a MP4 only to view it later or if I would like to watch it again, also I have previously copied and saved the link from youtube to view later. I always save slide shows and images to external drives so not to block up my computer😃
  6. Doreen

    Forum Issues

    Thank you Barry. Glad you didn't give up..You've still got a bit of hair to pull out😨
  7. Thank you , think I will wait for V10, will look forward to seeing some of your videos😃
  8. Thank you Barry for the newsletter and the Fine Control of the Timeline. The Timeline and the wave form of PTE looks a great deal easier and much more quicker than using my Photodex Producer program. Did you say there was another upgrade to PTE coming soon. I do really want to get back into the audio visuals.
  9. Doreen

    Tasmania Trip

    Thank you Joan, Barry Joan you are very privileged to have been to all these places, they do sound wonderful. Ha the truth has come out Barry😂. My images of crocus and Daffodils won't match up to yours on here, but at least the camera came out of the bag. Hopefully I may take it a ride over the Chase I need a good picture of a tree for a Tree of Life Theme. All the trees I've taken must be over a hundred, I haven't a good full length tree, looks like I liked the texture of the trees more than the shape😌
  10. Doreen

    Tasmania Trip

    Thank you Barry for sharing your trip with us and thank you for the newsletter, all very interesting. Haven't been saying much these days or doing much, but have been following on 😉 I did take a few shots of the garden flowers in the last bit of sunny weather, if presentable🤔 I will post them.
  11. You are so correct. I agree totally. To sum up my feelings I'm not lonely, but I am alone regarding my photography and interests. But we can't go down the slippery slope path, we gotta get back up again and live the best we can under the circumstances we have... this is how I see it😯
  12. Don't want to be depressing but think my light has gone invisible😢. I know my cameras will see it soon though, hoping to get back to it, don't want withdrawal symptoms. So sorry to hear about Carol, hope she gets well soon. I had looked at the Canon 5D mk4, thought it might have been lighter than the 5DRs, I think the mk4 was a little heavier, I am happy with my cameras, just need to take them for a walk now🤔.
  13. Nice one Barry. Seeing an image like this using Buzsim reminds me how I've missed infrared and photography for that matter over these last few months😪.
  14. Finding it very hard, it doesn't help with dark rainy days and Christmas does it?
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