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  1. Doreen

    Albedo 0.39

    Wonder Barry was it Proshow gold or Proshow Producer that produced the fractal images? I did similar for an AV called Button Kaleidoscope, the background was made up of so many animated layers in various directions, I liked it a lot but the show struggled as I added the music, it worked eventually removing some layer styles. You did make a DVD tutorial for Proshow Gold, I still have it, must be 12 years ago🤔
  2. Doreen

    Albedo 0.39

    Certainly worth a view. I love it😃
  3. Doreen


    I'm shocked😮 worked out I made Poppy Dog 12 years ago, don't reckon the size is appropriate now😶
  4. Doreen


    I remember Winter very well Barry, I loved it very much and still do especially visiting most of the locations in your AV. Nice to see the video again. Not having much luck with my Poppy Dog AV its all in tact with the audio and have managed to remove a couple of slides using movie maker, I haven't the option of saving as an MP4, I might consider adding it on youTube, if the quality is not acceptable I can delete it. Photodex only added one slide from the dvd and warned me of missing files. Although I have 3 slide shows that have been successful via photodex from dvd and saved as MP4 and on youtube, I can only guess the Poppy Dog was one of my first so not too familiar with the program. I can't recall saving anything any differently mind. I have 2 more I am going to try from dvd, called Iona and The Arran Adventure, although a little dated now its still nice to see the images and music. I will have a go🙄
  5. Doreen


    Oh dear Barry think I'm having a bit of a moment. As I was sorting the dvd's yesterday, I was singing Surfing USA in my head and cause It was the brilliant Beach Boys. Now I know you are correct I am drummed out of music appreciation society ha, silly me after I played the dvd the music was Wipe Out, this is the one I couldn't remember. I have it on cd but that will take another day to find that🙄 I can remake it to a 60p Mp4, But I wanted to change the beginning and end. The beginning I think is presentable I just want to remove the last slide as it has writing on that I used for college and need to delete it somehow before you Tube. I got it onto the time line using photodex but it came as one layer for the whole av. I then saw in movie maker it shown all clips so I may be able to modify it. I will have another go, time was running out yesterday. Thank you Joan I'll certainly try, this will give me another project to think about😑
  6. Doreen


    Have been away for a few days. My son and I had taken some of Colin's ashes to Ilfracombe, Devon. This led me to take my cameras, I took a few with the Canon mark11 infrared camera. I will post if presentable. My Barry you've taken me back with the 2 AV's I remember them well. Think you have started the ball rolling of all my AV's on disk. I made a great one of our dog surfing and called it Surfing Poppy Dog UK. The music was Surfing USA, I would love to retrieve it and put it on youtube, I just have one set back with the music, would I be liable for copyright law? can't remember off hand who sang it.
  7. Well😌🤔🙂
  8. Great idea Barry😀
  9. Too true Barry. I have 3 close friends and my cousin who share the same grief as myself. I try to advise them to take up something new as none of them do anything only watch tv. I think of myself as being lucky to have studied most of my life to know what I know now especially the photography. Although I haven't been wanting to pick up the camera for a while I know it will come back. I completely agree with your first post on this topic and so very glad you are going to carry on with the photography, well what else would we do, we would end up like my friends and cousin.
  10. Thinking of you both Best wishes
  11. Thank you. It doesn't sound too complicated, guess I was thinking of a massive complicated aircraft😥 Hovering at 4 feet to begin and your explanation I would be able to practice at home in the garden, may be ideal as I'm not overlooked. Sounds more fun than spending a fortune on a new iMac computer🤔
  12. Thank you Barry Maybe it looked like slow motion especially the water. I haven't the confidence to use a drone on my own, sure I'd get into trouble😈 My son loves them so suggested when he goes out treasure hunting with his metal detector it may be a good opportunity for me to join him with the drone, well practise that is😅 It does look complicated though, but suppose everything is at the start😏
  13. The drone video Barry, did you create the slow motion effect within the drone settings or did you edit in PTE. My standalone video recorder takes slow motion video also the proshow software can do the same. Just wondering, I wouldn't mind a drone myself, but will have to see.
  14. Thank you Barry. I loved the drone video and Carols images
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