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  1. this guy is good and I have known him for years and he has some pre converted cameras at times http://www.woodybayphotographic.co.uk/ Dave
  2. Thanks Beck, coming from you it means a lot. Those were the days mate, when you think at what tools we had at our disposal in the early days but I suppose that`s what made us what we are mate. I don`t drive far now so have to try and turn the local stuff into something worth looking at. I caught a shot on the beach the other day and just did a quick edit whilst writing this for you, it`s not complete yet but I was wrong about the coast 🀐 and there was this little mouse that caught my eye in the garden the other day stealing from one of the bird feeding platforms, it`s not up to your AV standards but it is a record. Dave
  3. Finally got the 4 sheds and the gates/fences coated, cut the trees and hedges back, cut the lawn and the field grass so time to play photography at last l😁😁 A few local IR images ( the last ones from the Fuji XM1 as I had the fuji XT10 converted to get a viewfinder. ) Becks, Alan Burch who used to work for David Leung is now doing IR conversions from home on the I.O.W. the right price for a great job (if anyone in the UK is interested)
  4. Glad that now meets your approval πŸ˜‚ Now when winter arrives and it is an overcast day outside don`t come back asking me to lower the brightness 🀣🀣 BTW, I am still not getting notifications, it`s not user error because I get numerous notifications from all over the place, tell Becks to pull his finger out and sort it before I come over to Aus and thrash him at the camera club comps (like I used to)😯 I must say, I do miss the camera club meets (remember when he got hold of a LT bus and we took it to London zoo?) Times change Carol, even Anne uses her mobile phone for images now (although I must admit the results are pretty decent) Maybe not in our lifetime but I can see a day coming where we have built in cameras in our glasses and just have to look at the subject and blink to take a picture😏 Keep taking the tablets Dave
  5. Tell her who must be obeyed that I don`t do this for everyone ☺️ Anymore to her majesties liking?
  6. BTW forgot to mention, that guy who is rolling around laughing was on Cromer pier, he used to work for Canon so I asked him if he Knew Barry Beckham and has he seen your work, with that he burst into laughter and has never been the same sinceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Take Care Mate (I`m still in touch with BJ at times BTW) Dave
  7. Well tell her who must be obeyed to take those designer sun glasses offπŸ˜‚ and it`s very true that I don`t know my way around PS like yourself but of course that`s because I rarely need to delve because I usually produce a finished image in the shooting stage πŸ˜€ The revolution came with the Canon 1DSmk1 that had 11 million pixels IMHO but boy did that sensor attract the dust spots or what. Anyway, watch out for those Crocs (is that why I don`t see any low angle shots from you nowdays)😏 Dave
  8. Thanks Joan, it was actually quite dark so much so that I couldn`t find my way back indoors after πŸ˜€ I`ll have another look at it but sometimes you loose the feeling of the moment if you make things look too natural. I have cataracts so it might be me keeping the brightness down for comfort whilst processing ( not that I have to do much in the way of processing πŸ˜‚) Take Care Dave
  9. Dave C


    Your confused? join the club (no pun intended) wait till you are my age, you don`t know what confused is yet 😒 I go into a room and can`t remember why I came in and what I came in for and then i can`t remember where I came from😁 Photography seems to be more about equipment that shooting images and capturing the moment. In some of the forums they go on about "should I use a filter or carry spare batteries etc etc" Don`t get me wrong, as you know I love the equipment side of the hobby but buying stuff just to have it seems to be the new trend I`m afraid and some people haven`t got a clue how to use all the features and spend their time trying to find their way around the camera as the photo opportunities pass them buy. When we were judging it was just so exciting seeing lots of really great images but times have changed for sure Becks. do you remember at the club one night, I was judging and someone presented a print mounted on the back of a Kelloggs conflake packet? As I remember it was a decent image but I refused to mark it. Dave
  10. Not so much of the Pillock please 😁 (I remember when I had to introduce you to PS) Do I remember telling you that IR doesn`t work around the sea ??? you sure you didn`t dream that? I was shooting IR when you still had a Nikon 900 😘 (remember those superb little cameras Beck?) Just for that you can have a couple of images I shot late afternoon here today. Hope you are keeping well mate (and don`t forget that mat spray on your bonce otherwise it affects every ones exposure in the area πŸ˜‹ Give my regards to her who must be obeyed AT ALL TIMES Dave
  11. It` been up to 15c here for over a week now so walks up at the beach and countryside have been in order. I am considering having another camera converted to IR because my present fuji XM1 doesn`t have a viewfinder so I am using a Hoodman to hold against the screen to cut the light out. I`ve also been using my 50mm f2 fuji lens( 75mm equi 35mm) as well as my 14mm 2.8 (equi 21mm in35mm). the 50mm is a superb lens for IR and gives a bit more reach when needed. Not been much snow around this year but at least the heating costs are kept low. 😁 now that we have high speed fibre lets see if we can upload a few images.
  12. At least I have a few inches of hair to cushion the blow πŸ˜‚ you could adapt a white card on your head as a fill light 🀣 OK, I`ll look up Tulips and see if anything matches!!! The weather has gone mad around the world Becks, we have had probably the hottest long spell of weather for many a year. It has now cooled down a bit and at least night sleeping is better. If the weather gets any worse in Aus then don`t think your coming back to annoy us!!! Catch you later and give Carol my best (put your high heels on Becks and walk up and down her back πŸ˜€ like you used to do for me 🀐 (anyone reading this then don`t think we don`t like each other, if we didn`t joke with each other then I would think something has gone wrong) Dave ( the one that showed the master PS)
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