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  1. I have been a photographer for well over 50 years and am a member of a local camera club. I joined the club so that I could spend pleasant evenings with like-minded people and talk about photography. I also like to pass on any of my knowledge that might be helpful. I have been very successful in club competitions over the last 5 years winning their 'Photographer of the Year' several times. When I suggested that I should take a break from competitions I was told most strongly by most of the members not to do so. They do not see my success as holding them back, but rather they see it as something to aim for and inspire them. Isn't this what good clubs are for. I do not mind judges comments as long as they are helpful and constructive. I usually don't take much notice of them for my own work but all comments are helpful to the members with lesser experience. Feedback of competitions is an essential part of improvement and that is how they learn. The day I give up learning is the day I should give up my photography.
  2. PhilG


    I really like the angel, and most of the other Gormley works. I thought this is what he would look like on a hot day.
  3. Thank you Dave and Barry for your comments. I have been considering having a camera converted for a while but Barry's images and comments recently have pushed me to jump in with both feet. I found the used converted camera for sale from Protech Photographic on line. The weather here in the north of Scotland has been cold and miserable for the last few weeks but a couple of days ago everything improved. I spent the time reading everything I could from this forum about processing and that led me too getting the first few images that I sent to you. Barry, the two shots above were taken near my home in Scotland at Lossiemouth on the Morayshire coast. The whole area is really beautiful and lots of places to help my progress with my new toy. The top picture is just a view over the town looking over the houses to one of the beaches. The second shot of the lighthouse was from about a mile away down the coast. I used a fisheye lens on the camera and corrected the distortions easily in Photoshop.
  4. I have finally managed to get a converted Nikon for about the same price as it would have cost to get one of my older cameras converted. Now that the weather has improved I have had a chance to get out and try it. The camera works well but it is the processing of the red 720nm images that I need to work on. These were shot using a Nikon d90 with a 12mm Samyang fisheye lens, then worked on in Photoshop. Comments and advice welcomed.
  5. I remember that copy of Digital Photo and it was your demo that got me interested in Pictures to Exe. Thank you for that.
  6. I agree with Peter. If you are, as you stated just talking about jpegs, the they should be only working on a new layer to save over-writing the original. The other option is, when the image is first opened, the very first action should be to save it with a different name. Working in raw we can always go back to the original, but if using jpegs and you hit the save button you could lose the original.
  7. PhilG

    Help Please

    Both my main computers show it as I have a Wacom with both. I have just looked at my older laptop that has never had a Wacom attached. It also only has CS6, and yes, this icon is showing.
  8. I think your problem may be 'Metamerism', where your print may look green under daylight and magenta under artificial light. I t can differ with different papers and surface textures. Google it for more information.
  9. PhilG

    Manual Control

    I use one I got from Amazon. It works perfectly and the price is right. August LP104R wireless presenter with red laser pointer. Lots of others on Amazon at all price levels.
  10. Hi Peter Open the image and select Filter/Texture/Texturizer and the sandstone effect is there in the drop down box at the top right of the page Phil
  11. PhilG

    New Forum

    Hi Barry Congratulations on getting the new forum on line, it looks good and I am sure it will start to fill up soon. The registration was really straight forward and quick. PhilG
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